“We are very satisfied with our spa experience, with Mirage, and love our spa!”

– David & Regina V.

“Love the spa. Very satisfied with the company and everyone associated with it. I would recommend to you to all.”

– Gaye S.

“We have teenagers and our hot tub has become the focal point of our house and our family discussions. It’s a wonderful place to relax, interact, and have candid conversations with our children. We’re so happy with our decision to purchase a tub from a family-oriented company.”

– Jane K.

“I have to honestly say that I am totally convinced I made the right purchase without a shred of doubt. The more time I spend with this tub the more I am impressed. I cannot type enough words to express my satisfaction with my Sundance Maxxus in every aspect. You get what you pay for and I am very satisfied with the value of my Sundance.”

-Jeff D., Retired St. Louis Police Officer

“My husband uses our Sundance Altamar almost everyday to relieve chronic back pain and headaches. I use it to alleviate the symptoms of IBS as well as sinus pressure. We are always surprised at the healing capabilities of the tub and have been thrilled with our investment.”

– Karen G.

“I was extremely pleased with everyone’s patience and willingness to help me. I am so grateful that there are still businesses and people in today’s society that are customer oriented.”

– Larry G

“I was a first time spa owner and really benefited from the Chemical Seminars put on by the owner. It really helped to relieve my chemical maintenance concerns. Thanks for taking the time to tend to my needs, especially after the sale.”

– Lou L.

“Love the spa. Very satisfied with the company and everyone associated with it. I would recommend to you to all.”

– Mark C.

“Our kids think of our Sundance Spa like a mini-pool and have a blast playing in it. When they’re done using it, my husband and I enjoy relaxing in it after a stressful day. I’m so glad the whole family is able to enjoy it!”

– Samantha W.

“The day I walked into Mirage Spa and met you was the best day of my life health wise. I still can’t believe that a spa would lessen my pain in less than a month.”

– Sandra B.

Mirage Spa and Recreation Inc

10831 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63122